A Niue club
Lot 6033W
Rare Wood Lance, katoua, Niue Islands
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A Niue club A Niue club
Lot Details
Rare Wood Lance, katoua, Niue Islands
length 64 1/2in (164 cm)
in the shape of an arrow with delicately carved, raised mid-section running from the tip and gradually merging with the handle; fine, varied honey bown patina with inscription "Niue" on the upper blade and accession numbers written in old script on the handle, probably in Dr. Kramer's handwriting.

Dr. Augustin Kramer, Germany

Kramer was a German physician, anthropologist and explorer in Oceania during the 19th Century. The Niue Islands, also known for many years as the "Savage Islands" was discovered by Captain Cook in 1774.