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Fifty-six books on Polynesia
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Books and Manuscripts Formally in the Collection of John Dominis Holt
Fifty-six books on Polynesia
including; Cooks, Voyages of Discovery, 1948; Campbell, A Voyage Around the World 1806-1812, 1967; Buck, Vikings of the Pacific, 1959; Foreman, Long Pig, 1959; Bryan, American Polynesia, 1941; Reed, Myths and Legends of Fiji, 1967; Moorehead, The Fatal Impact, 1966; Izett, Maori Lore, 1904; Mead, Social Organization of Manu'a, 1969; Grimble, We Choose the Islands, 1952; Dodge, New England and the South Seas, 1965; Burrows, Western Polynesia: A Study of Cultural Differentiation, 1970; Otago Museum, Craftsmanship in Polynesian, 1963; Goldman, Ancient Polynesian Society, 1970; Bell, The Wild of Maori Land, n/a; Strauss, Americans in Polynesia, 1963; Reed, Treasury of Maori Folklore, 1963; Reed, Wondertales of Maoriland, 1973; Casey, Easter Island, 1931; Barrow, The Art of Tahiti, 1979; Dowd, Polynesia's Sacred Isle, 1976; Hiroa, The Coming of the Maori, 1970; Kirch, The Evolution of the Polynesian Chieftans, 1984; Strong, The Memories of Vialima, 1902; Stimson, Songs and Tales of the Sea Kings, 1957; Dodge, Hawaiian and other Polynesia Gourds, 1978; The Endinborough Cabinet Library: South Seas, n/a; Emory, East Polynesian Relationships, 1963; Journal de la Societe des Oceanistes, Paris, 1980; (2) Wekler, Polynesian Explorers of the Pacific, 1943; all of the below
rare Bishop Museum Publications (reprints and original); (2) The Breadfruit of Tahiti, 1928; (2) Samoan Material Culture, 1930 (reprint 1971); Ethnology of Manihiki and Rakahanga, 1932; Tuamotuan Religion, 1933; Tongan Place Names, 1971; Tongan Myths and Tales, 1971; Vocabulary of the Mangaian Language, 1971; Samoan House Building, Cooking and Tattooing, 1971; Music in the Marquesas Islands, 1971; History and Tradition of the Niui, 1971; Handcrafts of the Society Islands, 1971; Tales and Poems of Tonga, 1971; Lau Islands, Fiji, 1971; Ethnology of Tabuai, 1971; Archaeology of Kauai, 1971; Flora of Southeastern Polynesia, 1971; Natural History of the Ifaluk Atoli: Physical Environment, 1961; The Archaeology of the Palau Islands, 1966; (2) Plants and the Migrations of the Pacific Peoples, 1963; (2) Prehistoric Culture in Oceania, 1968 and Explorers of the Pacific, 1953.

John Dominus Holt, Hawaii