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Thirty-two special Bishop Museum bulletins on Polynesia
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Books and Manuscripts Formally in the Collection of John Dominis Holt
Thirty-two special Bishop Museum bulletins on Polynesia

including twenty-eight 1971 Kraus reprints: Polynesian Religion; Menehune of Polynesia and other Mythical Little People of Oceania; Ethno Botany of the Gilbert Islands; Marquesan and Legends; Subsistence Agriculture in Melanesia; Ethnology of Puka Puka; Material Culture of Capingamarangi; Ethnology of Manhiki and Rakahanga; Specialized Studies of Polynesian Anthropology; Tuamotuan Legends; Ethnology of Uvea; Mangaian Society; Ethnology of Tangareva; Ethnology of Mangareva; Songs of Uvea and Futuna; Oceania, American Indian and African Myths of Starring the Sun; Archaeology of Mangareva and Neighboring Atols; Native Music of the Tuamotus; Polynesian Religion; Southern Lau, Fiji: An Ethnography; Hawaiian Legends; String Figures from the Marquesas and the Society Islands; Subsistence Agriculture in Polynesia and Micronesia; The Cult of Kiho-tumu (2); Archaeology of the Pacific Equatorial Islands; A Study of the Fe'i Banana and it's Distribution with Reference to Polynesian Migrations; Tuamotuan Religious Structures and Ceremonies and An Introduction to Polynesian Anthropology; a 1985 Kraus reprint of Archaeology of Oahu; Beaglehol, Ernest and Pearl Pangai, 1941 signed Peter Buck, 1942; Meade, Margaret Social Organization Manu'a, 1969.

Provenance: John Dominus Holt, Hawaii