A gilt-bronze 'precious objects' snuff bottle Probably imperial, 1750–1800
Lot 95
A gilt-bronze 'precious objects' snuff bottle Probably Imperial, 1750–1800
Sold for HK$ 36,000 (US$ 4,643) inc. premium
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A gilt-bronze 'precious objects' snuff bottle
Probably Imperial, 1750–1800
7.46cm high.


  • Treasury 7, 1610


    The Belfort Bronze

    Bronze and gold; with a flat lip and protruding, flared flat foot; cast on each side with a design enclosed in a foliate panel with various auspicious objects, including the emblems of the Eight Immortals, all beribboned, one side with castanets, a double gourd, a yugu (bamboo musical instrument), a chime, a ladle, a leaf-shaped fan, and a pair of crossed swords, the other with another chime, yugu, a double gourd, a ladle, a leaf-shaped fan, a flute, a basket containing a peach growing on a branch, and a crutch, the ground on both sides stamped with tiny rings, the outer surfaces all gilded
    Probably imperial, 1750–1800
    Height: 7.46 cm
    Mouth/lip: 0.72/1.77 cm
    Stopper: bronze and gold, the flat collar with a finial in the form of a formalized flame, the edge of the collar milled, covered overall in gold; possibly original

    Condition: surface wear that has removed much of the gilding from relief areas. General relative condition: good

    Hugh M. Moss Ltd (1978)
    Belfort Collection (1986)

    Jutheau 1980, p. 51, fig 2, left
    Kleiner 1987, no. 245
    Galeries Lafayette 1990, p. 4
    Treasury 7, 1610

    L'Arcade Chaumet, Paris, June 1982
    Sydney L. Moss Ltd, London, October 1987
    Galeries Lafayette, Paris, April 1990
    Creditanstalt, Vienna, May–June 1993

    Th main design of this bottle was evidently cast from a mould and finished by hand detailing. The overall appearance reminds one of moulded porcelain bottles of the mid-Qing period. Another courtly feature is the design framed in a recessed panel. It might have been done by bronze makers at the palace workshops, but this sort of work was also done at Guangzhou, and it is perhaps significant that this compressed, elongated ovoid form is a standard of painted enamelled snuff bottles from Guangzhou. Beijing products are rarely of such an elongated form; any elongated form in the medium is either from Guangzhou or, if from Beijing, very late in the Qianlong reign. (For one rare Beijing example, notably of a slightly different shape from the standard Guangzhou elongated ovoid form, see Christie's, Paris, 21 November 2008, lot 56.)

    The chime (qing) and the ribbons (shoudai) constitute a visual pun for the idea of celebration (qing) of longevity (shou), a theme that frequently underlies depictions of the Eight Immortals or sometimes, as is the case here, their emblems. We find the double gourd of Li Tieguai, twice, together with his crutch; the fan of Zhongli Quan, also twice; the yugu of Zhang Guolao, twice again; the castanets of Cao Guojiu; the basket of Lan Caihe, containing a peach of immortality; the flute of Han Xiangzi,; the sword of Lü Dongbin, again doubled; and the ladle of He Xianggu, also depicted twice. As a rule, the composite motif of the Eight Immortals signifies a hope for longevity.

    For a bronze bottle of the same subject, but of a different shape and with very convincing wear, see Sotheby's, Hong Kong, 28 October 1993, lot 1167; another similar bottle, of only slightly different shape, was in the Ko Collection, Christie's, London, 10 June 1974, lot 178. For other related bottles of different design and shape but obviously of the same type and style, see Sotheby's, London, 3 March 1987, lot 814, and China Guardian, Beijing, 21 October 1996, lot 1880; this one retains its original stopper with a sapphire finial.


    青銅、黃金; 平唇, 突出平底微撇,兩正面開光中鑄道家八寶,開光內戳小圈子為地;表面全面度金
    大概為御製品, 1750~1800年
    高﹕ 7.46 厘米
    口經/唇經: 0.72/1.77 厘米

    突出的地方磨掉了黃金。總體的相對狀況﹕ 善

    Hugh M. Moss Ltd (1978)
    Belfort 珍藏 (1986)

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    Kleiner 1987, 編號 245
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    Treasury 7, 1610

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