An inside-painted rock-crystal snuff bottle Yiru jushi, attributed to Beijing, 1805 (the bottle 1760-1805)
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An inside-painted rock-crystal snuff bottle Yiru jushi, attributed to Beijing, 1805 (the bottle 1760-1805)
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An inside-painted rock-crystal snuff bottle
Yiru jushi, attributed to Beijing, 1805 (the bottle 1760-1805)
6.4cm high.


  • Treasury 4, no. 438

    壺: 1760-1805
    內畫: 一如居士,可推定為在北京畫,1805年

    The King of Fragrance

    Crystal and ink; with a flat lip and protruding concave foot surrounded by a flat footrim; painted on one main side with a fisherman talking to a woodcutter, with the inscription 'Executed in imitation of the brushwork of Gao shangshu ('Gao, President of the Board [of Punishment]')', the other main side with an encomium on snuff, followed by the signature 'Yiru jushi', the four narrower panels containing two separate subjects, one of an orchid flowering near a convoluted rock, inscribed 'Executed in imitation of the brush manner of Shitian', followed by the signature 'Zhongchang' and 'The King of Fragrance', followed by the Manchu signature 'Yun Jeng', the other of bamboo growing near rocks, inscribed 'Recorded on a winter day in the year yichou,' followed by the signature 'Banshan', and 'There is no Dharma outside the mind', the inscriptions all in regular script, with the exception of the last, which is in clerical script
    Bottle: 1760–1805
    Painting: Yiru jushi, attributed to Beijing, winter, 1805
    Height: 6.4 cm
    Mouth/lip: 0.52/1.9 cm
    Stopper: jadeite; vinyl collar

    Condition: Bottle: several practically invisible, miniscule chips to edges of facets, and one slightly ground small chip to outer footrim, none of it obtrusive; otherwise in workshop condition. Painting: interior stained with snuff, with some spoon scratching in the snuff stains and a little into the ink, but fairly minor damage to painting. General relative condition: very good

    The Kaynes-Klitz Collection
    Sotheby's, Hong Kong, 30 October 1990, lot 161

    Snuff Bottle Review, edited by Michael J. Kaynes, nos. 5 and 6, May and
    June 1975, p. 7
    JICSBS, Winter 1990, p. 41
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    Ttreasury 4, no. 438

    Hong Kong Museum of Art, March–June 1994
    National Museum, Singapore, November 1994–February 1995
    Christie's, London, 1999

    The President of the Board of Punishment, Mr. Gao, refers to the painter Gao Kegong (1248–1310). Shitian was the hao, or literary name, of the famous Ming scholar-painter Shen Zhou (1427–1509), and the 'King of Fragrance' refers to the orchid.

    Yiru jushi was one hao or sobriquet of Hongwu (d. 1811), a grandson of the Kangxi emperor accomplished in poetry, painting, and calligraphy. If Hongwu is our artist (we have no direct evidence to prove it), it would help explain his mention of Gao Kegong as a source. Gao was a Uighur, an outsider and to the Chinese a barbarian, who attained a high post in the alien Mongol dynasty that ruled as the Yuan dynasty. Hongwu was an outsider, a Manchu, who achieved high position under the alien Manchu rulers of Qing China.

    The encomium on snuff inscribed on one of the main sides of the bottle reads:

    Brought from beyond the seas, this herb of the immortals from beyond the passes:
    Its flavour in the bottle can be endlessly praised.
    At the early court, one sniff clears the mind and eyes;
    On a night journey, a tiny scoop will protect one from the pestilential vapours.

    Several of Yiru jushi's bottles bear Manchu signatures. There are two: Jun Weng doo zin ('Jun Weng, follower of the Dao'), which appears only on one bottle in the Mack Collection (Sotheby's, New York, 25 October 1997, lot 377) and Yun Jeng, which appears here and on all the other known examples with Manchu signatures.


    水晶、墨; 平唇,突出凹足,圈足底完全接觸地面; 一正面畫漁樵圖,上有"仿高尚書之□"題文,另一正面書"塞外仙葩海外傳,壺中滋味耐人宣,早朝一嗅清心目,夜路微挑避瘴煙"一絕和"一如居士"一款,一狹面有蘭石圖,上有"仿石田之書"、"仲昌" 十字,一狹面有"王者之香"四字,其後有滿文Yun Jeng 一款,一狹面有竹石圖,上書"乙丑冬日并錄"和"半山"其左書"心外本無法"
    壺﹕ 1760~1805年
    內畫﹕一如居士,可推定為在北京畫, 1805年冬
    高﹕ 6.4 厘米
    口經/唇經: 0.52/1.9 厘米
    蓋﹕ 硬玉; 乙烯基座

    壺﹕小平面邊緣有些幾乎看不見的細小缺口,圈足外緣有一個小缺口,稍微磨修過,都不引人注目;此外,出坊狀態。畫﹕內壁由鼻煙染色,染色又呈匙刮痕,墨亦呈刮痕,但繪圖的損害比較不多。 總體的相對狀況﹕ 相當好

    Kaynes-Klitz 珍藏
    蘇富比,香港,30 1990, 拍賣品號 161

    Snuff Bottle Review, 由Michael J. Kaynes編輯,編號 5 及6, 1975年5月~6月,頁 7
    《國際中國鼻煙壺協會的學術期刊》(JICSBS), 1990年冬期,頁 41
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    Kleiner, Yang, and Shangraw 1994, 編號 296
    Ttreasury 4, 編號 438

    香港藝術館,1994年3 月~6月
    National Museum of Singapore, 1994年11月~1995年2月

    高尚書即高克恭 (1248~1310),石田乃沈周 (1427~1509),王者之香,蘭花也。

    一如居士,康熙皇帝之孫子弘旿 (1743–1811) 之號。弘旿善詩、畫、書,雖然我們無從證明 他是本壺的一如居士,但我們可以理解為甚麼弘旿會提到高克恭。高肖書是回紇人,而且是在異族蒙古人統治中國的時候作官的。弘旿也是滿族人,而且是在異族滿族人統治中國的時候得到很高職位的。

    一如居士的鼻煙壺帶兩種滿文名款,除本壺外還有幾件帶Yun Jeng 這個名字的,也有Mack珍藏的一件,書Jun Weng doo zin (Jun 翁,道人) 的 (蘇富比, 紐約,1997年10月25日, 拍賣品號 377)。

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