Saber-Tooted Cat Skull on Stand
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Saber-Tooted Cat Skull on Stand
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Saber-Tooted Cat Skull on Stand
Megantereon nihowanensis
Central Asia

Thought to be a direct ancestor of Smilodon, Megantereon's proportions provide a foreshadowing of those of the later predator's. About the size of a stout modern day jaguar, with stocky forelimbs but with a longer neck, the cat displayed long, thin upper canines lacking serrations, as evidenced by the present specimen. Megantereon nihowanensis lived 2-3 million years ago. With very minimal restoration, skull is in original form, as found. Expertly prepared in the United States.
Length 10in. Sabers measure 4 ¼ in. Offered on a custom-made metal stand.
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