1965 Plymouth Satellite Max Wedge  Chassis no. R451243934 Engine no. 2532230-2
Lot 471
1965 Plymouth Satellite Max Wedge Chassis no. R451243934 Engine no. 2532230-2
US$ 50,000 - 55,000
£30,000 - 33,000
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1965 Plymouth Satellite Max Wedge
Chassis no. R451243934
Engine no. 2532230-2
The 1960s brought a proliferation of models from all American automakers. All had a compact line of cars ready by 1960; two years later they had been joined by intermediate or mid-size cars. Chrysler Corporation lagged behind the other members of the Big Three in fielding intermediates, but made up for lost ground in 1965 by going Ford and Chevrolet one better. Rather than creating a new downsized model, Plymouth stretched its full-size cars to a 119-inch wheelbase, and gave them the name "Fury." The previous low-end full-size car, the Belvedere, retained its 116-inch wheelbase and was re-designated intermediate. To top things off, Belvedere offered two prestige models, a hardtop coupe and a convertible named "Satellite." Available with a wide range of drive trains up to 426 cubic inches, the Satellite could be had as a family sportster or a closet muscle car.

Restored by Dick Landy Industries in 2006, this 1965 Plymouth Satellite has been completed to its original specifications, with a few modern enhancements. Delivered new to California as a 426 cubic inch wedge car with factory four-speed, it has the last street 426 wedge engine built by Dick Landy's craftsmen. The engine and transmission, the latter from a 1972 Plymouth, have been fully blueprinted. Modifications include breathing enhancements to the combustion chambers, ports, and intake and exhaust manifolds. The camshaft and valve train have also been modified for efficiency and power. The 3.23 to 1 Sure-Grip rear axle has been rebuilt by Sutton Engineering. A DLI dyno torque and horsepower sheet is available upon request, as are all restoration records.

The restoration was undertaken to strict original appearance standards. The ruby red paint and black vinyl roof are correct, as is the black interior. The engine is the correct color for the model and year. The dashboard, center console, instrument panel and steering wheel were refinished to original condition. The interior has been restored with seat covers, seat foam, door panels and carpets from Sutton Engineering.

Although highly tuned, the car is street-oriented and very driver-friendly. The engine bay includes a safety torque arm, and electronics and heavy-duty battery have been relocated to the trunk. Master engine builder Mike Landy, Dick's brother, has maintained the car in top notch condition. The odometer reads barely 66,000 miles, believed to be correct. A wolf in Belvedere clothing, this Plymouth is bound to satisfy and surprise.

Saleroom notices

  • The interior was purchased from Legendary Interiors, not Sutton Engineering, and is an exact OEM match.
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