1976 Cadillac  Eldorado Convertible
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One owner from new, 3588 miles from new,1976 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible
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One owner from new, 3588 miles from new
1976 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible
"The last convertible", that was the way Cadillac billed the 1976 Eldorado drop-top. The decision to stop building convertibles was explained in lots of ways: more sporting styling of coupes, more turnpike driving that didn't favor having the top down, better sound systems, universal air conditioning, safety regulations. But however it was explained it was a management decision to control costs.

The Eldorado convertible was the signature bodystyle for Cadillac and it was going to go out with flair. The Eldorado, by 1976 some six years in the same basic design, was long, sleek, edgy and luxurious. It seated only four in its 224.1" length and 126.3" wheelbase and weighed two and one-half tons. The engine displaced 500 cubic inches and the front wheel drive chassis with fully independent suspension supported by torsion bar springs up front and self-leveling coils at the back was a masterpiece of the opulent ride that was Cadillac's hallmark in the Seventies.

Cadillac's announcement that convertible production would end in 1976 brought an immediate enthusiastic response from its customers who rushed into their Cadillac dealers to get their copy of this masterpiece, even at the base price of $11,049. Places in the order queue changed hands for nearly as much.

In metallic red paint scheme with a beige leather interior, this is a highly original example of these iconic automobiles. Perhaps best described as being in driver quality order, it represents a good way to experience two legendary names in the industry, Cadillac and Eldorado in a most commodious fashion with ample space for 4 or more passengers and a fully convertible top to protect from the weather.

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