1938  Buick Limited Series 90  Chassis no. 93457435
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1938 Buick Limited Series 90 Chassis no. 93457435
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1938 Buick Limited Series 90
Chassis no. 93457435
For 1938 front end styling on Buicks changed slightly. The front line of the grille was now nearly vertical, which allowed for a longer hood. The graceful form of the headlights is mirrored in the shape of the fender mounted parking lights. The Series 90 came with a 320ci overhead valve straight eight.

Considered to be the only Buicks that gained recognition by the Classic Car Club of America of Full Classics, the series 90 that were produced during 1931 to 1942 are also the most luxurious cars ever produced by Buick.

The 'Limited' name was used to denote the most costly Buicks in the range, featuring the highest levels of trim and options.

Cadillac executives were clamoring behind the scenes to remove the Limited from the market as it was infringing on their production. The Limited was priced at the nearly the same amount as the Imperial Sedan (limousine) produced by Cadillac. However, Buick argued that the Limited production barely averaged 1,561 vehicles per year compared to Cadillac's production rate of 13,335 for the Series Sixty-two.

The Limited continued to by produced until the beginning of World War II.

The car offered here is a prime candidate for restoration.
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  • Please note, this vehicle is titled by its engine number. The chassis number listed in the catalog of 93457435 is in fact the engine number.