Prehistoric Rhino Skull
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Prehistoric Woolly Rhinoceros Skull
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Natural History Los Angeles
12 Dec 2010 10:00 PST

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Prehistoric Woolly Rhinoceros Skull
Coelodonta antiquitatis
Tobolsk, Siberia, Russia

Native to the northern steppes of Eurasia, the now-extinct Woolly Rhinoceros was one of the largest animals to inhabit the vast Arctic tundra of the Pleistocene. Living upon the vast sheets of ice that covered much of the Northern Hemisphere, the Woolly Rhino, like the Woolly Mammoth, exhibited a long shaggy coat. Other evolutionary attributes included small ears, short, thick legs and a stocky body. Its massive horn is thought to have been used to sweep away snow to forage for vegetation and possibly to attract mates. A member of the Pleistocene megafauna, this creature survived the last glacial period. Interestingly, its nasal horn was composed of keratin (the same material that composes human finger nails), not bone. The Woolly Rhinoceros could grow to up to 6 feet tall. It became extinct at approximately the same time as the other Pleistocene megafauna, possibly in part due to human and Neanderthal hunting. Offered is a fine Coelodonta antiquitatis skull with original horn. Both the upper and lower portions of the skull are from the same individual. The back of the lower jaw appears to have cut marks in it.
Measures 33 x 38.5 x 14in