Canadian Ammonite 25.5in
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Canadian Ammonite
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12 Dec 2010 10:00 PST

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Canadian Ammonite 25.5in
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Canadian Ammonite
Placenticeras meeki
Upper Cretaceous
Bear Paw Formation, Southern Alberta, Canada

One of the largest and finest specimens of its kind from this locality, this beautiful ammonite on matrix displays stunningly brilliant coloration, predominantly red to green, from every angle. Ammonites from this locality are the only fossils deemed to be of gem quality, setting these lovely specimens apart from other fossils. Also unique in this example is its relatively low level of compression, seen in only the highest quality specimens from the Bear Paw Formation; it displays large un-cracked areas revealing captivating opalescent hues. Offered with a custom designed box with wheel base for direct display or wall mounting.
Matrix measures 47 x 33 x 2.6in, Specimen diameter measures 25 ½in, Weighs 268lbs
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