Arctinurus Trilobite
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Classic American Trilobite
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Arctinurus Trilobite
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Classic American Trilobite
Arctinurus boltoni
Middle Silurian
Rochester Shale Formation, Middleport, New York

Arctinurus is the undisputed King of all North American trilobites due not only to its exceptionally exotic and pleasing appearance, but also to the limited nature of its origin. Found only in the Rochester Shale Formation, which was closed to collecting in 2008, it is characterized by a unique bat wing appearance on the posterior lateral segments and a very ornate Stealth Bomber shaped head, or cephalon, with gorgeous, multi-faceted, eyes. The entire body surface is covered with small bumps that may have held sensory whiskers, much like a cat, but which give Arctinurus an overall pustulose surface texture. The combination of these structural features gives this genus a unique and unmistakable appearance possessed by no other trilobite genus in the world.
Measures 5 ¼ x 4in, Matrix measures 7 x 8in
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