Russia, Nicholas II, 1825-1855, 37 1/2 Roubles, 1902, Sev. 578, RR
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Russia, Nicholas II (1825-1855) 1902 37 Roubles 50 Kopecks (37 1/2 Roubles) Gold
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Russia, Nicholas II (1825-1855) 1902 37 Roubles 50 Kopecks (37 1/2 Roubles) Gold
32.3 grams. Fr. 170, Y-B65, Bitkin-315. Obverse: Bearded bare head facing left; Reverse: Crowned double-headed imperial eagle holding scepter and orb, with provincial coats-of-arms set on the wings within beaded circle; dual value in Russian currency and its equivalence in coinage of the French-dominated Latin Monetary Union.

The surfaces present a bright, yellow-golden finish with bright luster and a bold impression of the dies. Close examination reveals three tiny diagnostic die dots beneath the base of the bust of Nicholas, these verifying the authenticity of this piece. A single lateral mark is well hidden in the hair over the ear, this serving as a pedigree for future researchers. An extremely rare coin with a listed mintage of only 225 pieces. This was a special issue that was struck under the auspices of Tsar Nicholas II to be used as a personal presentation piece for friends and dignitaries on special occasions. It is the largest Russian gold coin struck in the modern era. Highly important and very desirable.