A group of coffee table books on travel and design
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A group of coffee table books on travel and design
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A group of coffee table books on travel and design
Including: Viipuri Library 1927-1935 Alvar Aalto by Michael Spens, Academy Editions 1994, 95 pages. ISBN: 1854903667
Islands in Space and Time by David G. Cambell, Houghton Mifflin, 1996. ISBN: 0395680832.
An Illustrated Viking Voyage: Retracing Leif Erikssons Journey In An Authentic Viking Knarr by W. Hodding Carter, Atria, 2000. ISBN: 0743407024
South Africa Landscapes Struik Publishing, 1998, 128 pages. ISBN: 1868720144
To Walk in Wilderness: A Rocky Mountain Journal by T. A. Barron, Westcliff Publishers, 1993, 168 pages. ISBN: 1565790383
Gardens of San Francisco by Joan Hockaday, Timber Press, 1988, 134 pages. ISBN: 0881921041
Scandinavia Living Design by Elizabeth Gaynor and Kari Haavisto, Stewart Tabori & Chang, 1987, 253 pages. ISBN : 1556700091
Newfoundland and Labrador by Brian C. Bursey, Blue Ocean Publishing, 2002, 129 pages. ISBN: 1550568795
Terra Australis: The Furthest Shore by William Eisler and Bernard Smith, Quantas, 1991, 237 pages. ISBN: 0642134642
Along the Royal Roads to Angkor by Hitoshi Tamura and Yoshiaki Ishizawa, Shambhala Publishing, 1999, 165 images. ISBN: 0834804727
Portrait of Lost Tibet by Rosemary J. Tung, Snow Lion Publications, 1987. ISBN: 0937938513
Wheel of Time Sand Mandala: Visual Scripture of Tibetan Buddhism by Barrry Bryant Namgyal Monastery, 1992, 272 pages. ISBN: 0062500899
Caravans to Tartary by Roland and Sabrina Michaud, Thames and Hudson, 1985, 76 plates. ISBN: 0500273596
Roof of the World: Exploring the Mysteries of Quinqhai—Tibet Plateau by Zhang Mingtao, Harry Abrams Inc, 1982, 227 pages, ISBN: 0810915588
Tibet by Ngapo Jigmei, Shanghai People's Art Publishing House, 1981, 296 pages. ISBN: 0584970773
Mountains of the Middle Kingdom: Exploring the High Peaks of China and Tibet by Galen Rowell, Sierra Club Books, 1983, 191 pages. ISBN: 0871563398
Himalaya: Personal Stories of Grandeur, Challenge and Hope by Richard C. Blum, EricaStone, and Broughton Coburn, National Geographic Society, 2006. ISBN: 0792261925
Jim Thompson: The Thai Silk Sketchbook by Warren William, Archipelago Press, 1997. ISBN: 9813018933
The Traditional Architecture of Indonesia by Barry Dawson and John Gillow, Thames and Hudson, 1994, 192 pages with 244 illustrations. ISBN: 050034132x
Indonesia from the Air by Atmowiloto Arswendo, PT Humpuss and Times Editions, 1988, 224 pages. ISBN: 9971400286
Indonesia: Design and Culture by Clifford Pearson, Monacelli, 1998, 247 pages. ISBN: 1580930123
Tibet: Journey to the Forbidden City: Retracing the Steps of Alexandra David-Neel by Tiziana and Gianni Baldizzone, Valeria Manferto, Stewart Tabori & Chang, 1996. ISBN: 1556705115
Buddhist Himilayas by Olivier and Danielle Follmi, Dalai Lama, and Matthieu Ricard, Harry N. Abrams Inc, 2002, 424 pages. ISBN: 0810934892 [24]