EINSTEIN, ALBERT. 1879-1955.
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EINSTEIN, ALBERT. 1879-1955.
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EINSTEIN, ALBERT. 1879-1955.
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1. Typed Letter Signed ("A. Einstein"), 1 p, 4to, Pasadena, January 17, 1933, to B.C. Meyrowitz (Berl ben Meyr), on Cal Tech letterhead, protesting that he is not competent to write an introduction to his book on microbes.
2. Typed Letter Signed ("A. Einstein"), 1 p, 4to, Pasadena, March 2, 1933, providing two paragraphs of introduction for Meyrowitz's book, with three-line autograph insert below greeting.
3. Typed Manuscript Signed ("A. Einstein"), 1 p, 8vo, Pasadena, March 2, 1933, being the English translation of Einstein's introduction to the ben Meyr book, on letterhead of translator Gabriel Segall, M.D., with unsigned rough draft also on Segall's letterhead.
Minor toning to all letters, staining from paper clip to two.

B.C. Meyrowitz, writing under the name Berl ben Meyr, published The Story of Microbes: Your Germs and Mine in 1934. The book offers a layman's explanation of germs and microbes as well as the relationship between community hygiene and disease. In 1933 Meyrowitz approached Einstein, then teaching at Cal Tech, to read his manuscript and provide a foreward. In the first letter offered here, Einstein demurs, but Meyrowitz convinces him, and the second letter offers the text of the foreward. Interestingly, Einstein also proofed and signed the English translation of his letter, also present here.
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