1924 Monet et Goyon Two stroke,
Lot 84
c.1924 Monet et Goyon 147cc Type Z Frame no. Z1304 Engine no. W8843
Sold for £2,760 (US$ 4,636) inc. premium
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c.1924 Monet et Goyon 147cc Type Z
Frame no. Z1304
Engine no. W8843
In 1916 Joseph Monet and Adrien Goyon commenced the manufacture of un-powered tricycles for disabled servicemen injured in The Great War, an activity they would maintain until 1939. The Macon-based company built its first powered two-wheeler around 1919 when it obtained rights to the Wall Autowheel, a self-contained, motorised wheel that attached to a bicycle. This same engine was also used to power the Automouche ('motor fly') tricycle and the Vélauto scooter. In 1922 Monet et Goyon obtained the licence for the manufacture of a 269cc Villiers two-stroke engine, and from then onwards the French firm would be one of Villiers' best customers in Continental Europe. Four-stroke models powered by Swiss MAG engines, built under license, were added to the range in 1925 but arguably the most successful Monet et Goyon of all was the super-sports ZS that used a 175cc Villiers 'Brooklands TT' motor to capture a string of French National Championships and World Speed Records in the 1920s. In 1929 Monet et Goyon purchased the ailing Koehler-Escoffier and acquired from Clement-Bayard the French license for Sturmey Archer gearboxes, which were produced under the 'Macérienne' brand name. Koehler-Escoffier continued to produce its own distinct models until 1945, from which date the two firms marketed the same machines under different badges. This Monet et Goyon Type Z was purchased in France six years ago and has been restored by Vicente Sevilla, the vendor's father-in-law. The machine of offered with old-style French registration document.

Saleroom notices

  • The frame number for this lot should read Z10304.