1931 BSA LX4 OHV
Lot 22
1931 BSA 349cc Model L31-6 De Luxe Frame no. Y5 1137 Engine no. Y6 777
£6,000 - 7,000
US$ 10,000 - 12,000
Lot Details
1931 BSA 349cc Model L31-6 De Luxe
Frame no. Y5 1137
Engine no. Y6 777
BSA's policy of building straightforward and well-engineered motorcycles enabled the Birmingham firm to weather the difficult Depression years of the early 1930s to such good effect that by the middle of the decade its advertising could boast that 'one in four is a BSA'. Nevertheless, even a manufacturing giant like BSA was forced to cut back, reducing its model range from eighteen in 1930 to just ten for 1932. The previous year had seen a new introduction in the popular '350' class: an overhead-valve sports roadster, the L31-6. First seen when the 1931 range was premiered in September 1930, this replaced the L30-6 'sloper' and was built along the lines of the existing '250', featuring a vertical cylinder, enclosed pushrods, forward-mounted magdyno and a twin-port cylinder head. The conventional cycle parts comprised a rigid duplex frame - a strengthened version of the 250's - and girder front fork. Parkerising and cadmium plating were introduced on the 1931 range for the first time, improving the quality of finish, while prices were cut. The L31-6 retailed at £45. This particular L31-6 was purchased from its restorer, Joffre Ramon, in 2007 and is offered with French registration papers.