1795 $1 Two Leaves Fine 15 PCGS
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1795 $1 Two Leaves Fine 15 PCGS
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1795 $1 Two Leaves Fine 15 PCGS
B-1, BB-21, R.2. The Flowing Hair design was launched in 1794 on half dimes, half dollars and silver dollars. Limited coinage began late in 1794. Apparently the public was not impressed with the rendition of Liberty on the obverse, and the eagle was derided as too large and cumbersome. By late 1795 after tinkering with the wreath, eagle and in some cases the head of Liberty—the design was scrapped in favor of the finely modeled Draped Bust design by Gilbert Stuart, starting with the silver dollars and half dimes and half dollars in 1796.

A highly collectible example of this ever popular type coin that boasts smooth surfaces that are outstanding for an early dollar with typical signs of handling and no singularly mentionable distractions. A few shallow and obscure adjustment marks are noted on the reverse, thin, vertical lines crossing down through the eagle at slightly left to right from vertical. Adjustment marks are the result of a carefully executed hand adjustment to the original blank planchet to bring the weight down to the standard required by removing a small amount of metal with a file. When the planchets were later struck, these file or adjustment marks are flattened out by the force of the strike and often barely show—as is the case here. Blue-gray and golden accents over each side complete the picture of this interesting early silver dollar. (PCGS 6853)