Kifouli Dossou Ajija 24 13/16in (63cm) high
Lot 93
Kifouli Dossou (Beninese, born 1978) Porc-épic 24 13/16in (63cm) high
US$ 3,000 - 5,000
£1,800 - 3,000
Lot Details
Kifouli Dossou (Beninese, born 1978)
signed 'D Kifouli' (to inside)
painted carved wood and porcupine quills
24 13/16in (63cm) high


    With Galerie Degbomey, France

    The above Gelede mask represents the strength of the porcupine, it illustrates the traditional song that says that the porcupine has no fear of the hunter or the panther and before entering his for the night, he throws his arrows in all directions.

    Gelede is an annual Yoruba festival, honoring the power of women, both of the female elders and ancestors. Men wear these masks during the elaborate dance performed to appease the destructive native of the female power and to promote social harmony and well-being in the community.