1976 Porsche 934  Chassis no. 930 670 0171
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The Ex-Gelo Racing Team/Tim Schenken/Toine Hezemans/Claude Haldi/Herbert 'Herbie' Muller/'Jamsal' El Salvador,1976-77 Porsche 934/5 Competition Grand Touring Coupe Chassis no. 930 670 0171
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1976 Porsche 934  Chassis no. 930 670 0171 1976 Porsche 934  Chassis no. 930 670 0171 1976 Porsche 934  Chassis no. 930 670 0171 1976 Porsche 934  Chassis no. 930 670 0171 1976 Porsche 934  Chassis no. 930 670 0171 1976 Porsche 934  Chassis no. 930 670 0171 1976 Porsche 934  Chassis no. 930 670 0171 1976 Porsche 934  Chassis no. 930 670 0171 1976 Porsche 934  Chassis no. 930 670 0171 1976 Porsche 934  Chassis no. 930 670 0171
The Ex-Gelo Racing Team/Tim Schenken/Toine Hezemans/Claude Haldi/Herbert 'Herbie' Muller/'Jamsal' El Salvador
1976-77 Porsche 934/5 Competition Grand Touring Coupe
Chassis no. 930 670 0171
The fabulous Porsche 934/5 series of customer competition Coupes requires little introduction. For many years Porsche's 911-derived designs have provided the backbone of national and international Grand Touring car racing not only in Europe but also in the United States, Australia and wherever motor racing has taken root throughout the Middle East and Asia.

This particular car, Production No: 106. 3958, is understood to have been the 27th of 31 Porsche 934s built, ready for the 1976 racing season. It was finished originally in Indian Red and was supplied to its first owner – the German entrant/driver Georg Loos – for his prominent Gelo Racing Team. Porsche factory authority Jurgen Barth confirmed that the car had then finished second in class at the Le Mans 24-Hours race of 1976, after which it was sold to the well-respected Swiss privateer, Claude Haldi.

We understand that as a Gelo Racing Team entry '0171' now offered here is possibly the car which contested the 1976 Mugello 6-Hours, being co-driven by former Ferrari and Brabham Formula 1 works driver Tim Schenken and works Porsche star Rolf Stommelen, finishing 6th overall and 2nd in the GT class. It is believed to be this car that was then prepared for the Nurburgring 1000Kms in which Tim Schenken shared it with Dutch former Alfa Romeo works driver Toine Hezemans, finishing second overall. The same Australian/Dutch driver pairing then shared the car in that year's Le Mans 24-Hours Grand Prix d'Endurance, finishing 16th overall, and a fine second in the GT category.

Georg Loos then sold the car to Swiss owner/driver Claude Haldi who subsequently raced '0171' in World Championship and European Championship road racing events, plus European Hillclimbs, through the latter part of 1976 into 1977. He maintained the car in 'standard' 934 configuration to compete consistently within the normal GT category, rather than in the uprated Group 5 prototype class, and in the 1977 Le Mans 24-Hours race '0171' contested its second Grand Prix d'Endurance, co-driven by Francois Servanin/Franz Hummel/Laurent Ferrier, but was forced out by gearbox failure. The lengthy 1977 competition record for '0171' is highlighted by two GT category wins, at the Nurburgring 1000Kms as well as the Brands Hatch 6 Hours.

In 1978, we understand that Claude Haldi (who had bought himself a replacement Porsche 935) sold this car to a South American owner/driver racing under the pseudonym 'Jamsal'. This gentleman, real name Enrique Molins, was a resident of San Salvador, and he immediately had the car converted to 935 twin-turbocharged form and raced it in North American IMSA events in addition to assorted South American fixtures until 1981. In 1978, it won the 6 Hours of El Salvador, which gave Don Whittington a World Champion title.

Sometime around 1980, 'Jamsal' had the car rebodied in its current form with K3/M13 bodywork. The conversion was completed by Chuck Gaa in Florida and at that same time '0171' was fitted with an Andial-built flat-fan twin-plug engine. The car was later sold, in 1989, via Dick Fritz to Frank Gallogly in the USA where it passed through several owners until, in 2005, being brokered by John Starkey to the current owner. He then undertook a no-holds-barred complete strip-down and restoration with Brumos Porsche, which included a rebuild of the current 3.2 liter engine by legendary Porsche guru Dick Elverude. This rebuild incorporated Carillo rods, new bearings, pistons and barrels, and a new air-to-air intercooler system, while the 'upside down' gearbox was rebuilt with all-new bearings. Featuring Kugelfischer mechanical injection, this motor is reportedly fresh with only break-in run time on the dyno, where it recorded 700+hp at a conservative one bar (14psi) of boost.

The bodyshell was blasted and repainted, the fuel cell rebuilt, all suspension disassembled, crack tested and rebuilt with new wheel bearings, new titanium axles and Guibo joints were adopted and the braking system stripped, inspected, new caliper seals fitted and rebuilt. BBS 16x10.5 and 16x14 center lock E57 wheels were crack tested and rebuilt with new hardware. The vehicle's electrical wiring was also completely renewed, and its restoration was completed with all-original factory gauges, a restored Heintzman fire system, correct CD ignition boxes, distributor, rev limiter and coils - all checked and rebuilt. Graphics and paintwork are period correct in the livery in which '0171' had last run, in 1981.

By 2006, the car had been restored to superb re-finished condition and was ready to race.

This car has a remarkable history of Le Mans, European, North and Central American racing with drivers including Schenken, Hezemans, Haldi, Mueller, Joest, Bill and Don Whittington, Molins, Fonseca, - see following listing - and more. Don Whittington clinched the 1979 World Endurance Driver's Championship in this car in the El Salvador 6-Hours, and it then has IMSA racing history in the early 1980s with an 8th overall in the 1981 Daytona 24-Hours and 10th overall at the Mosport 1000Kms.

'0171' is today fully restored and awaiting its return to competition. It is extremely fast, beautifully rebuilt, and is offered here in striking order.


  • 1976 Season
    Red. Delivered to Georg Loos
    • 3/21: Mugello 6 Hours: T. Schenken/R. Stommelen, #18; 6th/2nd GT-FQ (TBC)
    • 5/30: Nurburgring 1000Kms WCM: T. Schenken/T. Hezemans, #6; 2nd OA (TBC)
    • 6/12-13: Le Mans 24 Hours: T. Hezemans/T.Schenken, #57; 16th/2nd in GT class

    Sold to Claude Haldi.
    • 6/27: Zeltweg 1000Kms WCM: Haldi/Zbinden, #5; 3rd OA/1st in GT. GVEA-entered.
    • 7/04: Trento Bondone: (EHC): Haldi; DNS.
    • 7/25: Diepholz DRM: Haldi; 4th.
    • 8/08: Mont Dore, (EHC): Haldi; DNF. (Acc.)
    • 8/29: Andorra-Botella (EHC): Haldi; 1st in class.
    • 9/04: Dijon 6-Hours WCM: Haldi/Muller, #11; 5th OA.
    • 9/12: Nurburgring DRM: Haldi; DNF.
    • 9/19: Imola, (EC-GT): Haldi; 5th.
    • 9/26: Preis von Hessen Hockenheim (DRM): Haldi; 8th.
    • 10/31: Hockenheim: Haldi; 5th.

    1977 Season

    • 3/20: Mugello 6 Hours WCM: Haldi/Ferrier/Mueller, #7; 7th/4th GT
    • 3/27: Ampus-Draguignan (EHC): Haldi; 2nd.
    • 5/17: Silverstone 6 Hours WCM: Haldi/Joest/Ferrier, #10; 8th 2nd GT
    • 5/22: Montseny EHC: Haldi; 2nd
    • 5/29: Nurburgring 1000Kms WCM: Haldi/Joest, #32; 7th/1st GT
    • 6/11-12: Le Mans 24 Hours: F. Servanin/F. Hummel/L. Ferrier, #59; GT DNF Gear Box
    • 7/03: Norisring DRM: Haldi, #80; 7th
    • 7/03: Norisring Trophae: Haldi, #80; 18th
    • 7/10: Trento Bondone EHC: Haldi; 3rd
    • 7/24: Paul Ricard WCM: Haldi/Ferrier, #42; 10th
    • 7/31: Coll de la Botella EHC: Haldi TBC
    • 8/07: Mont Dore EHC: Haldi; 2nd
    • 9/25: Brands Hatch 6 Hours WCM: Haldi/Pallavicini, #9; 6th/1st GT
    • 10/8-9: Hockemheim 2x3 Hours: Haldi/Pallavicini/Calderari, #10; 10th/3rd GT
    • 10/23: Vallelunga 6 Hours WCM: Haldi/Pallavicini , #9; GT DNS
    • 10/27: Ampus-Draguignan EHC: Haldi; 2nd.

    1978 Season

    • 1/21-28: Monte-Carlo Rallye: Haldi/Bernard Sandoz, #9; Group 4 DNF, clutch
    • 4/16: Dijon 4 Hours: Gehard Vial/Antoine Salamin, #30; 14th/ 7th GT
    • 5/14: Silverstone 6 Hours: Haldi/Bleynie/Delaunay/Guerin, #28; DNF
    • 5/28: Nurburgring 1000 Kms: Haldi/Gehard Vial, #61; GT DNA
    • 6/10-11: Le Mans 24-Hours: De Latour/Bleiny/Ennequin, #60; NQ. (car was red)

    Sold to Enrique Molins, El Salvador. Scorpio Racing.
    Raced in South America. By now converted to 934/5 spec.

    • Round 6: Central American Championship of Makes Guatemala: "Jamsal"; 1st
    o 500Kms of Viceroy "Jamsal": 1st.
    o 500Kms of Rio Hato "Jamsal": 1st.
    o 500Kms of Panama "Jamsal": 1st.

    • 11/5: Trans-Am Mexico City: "Jamsal", #181; 10th/6th

    1979 Season

    National Championship of Motoring El Jababli: "Jamsal"; 1st Modified Tourism
    • ?/02: Great Delta Prize, El Jabali: "Jamsal"; 2nd J.Paul 1st Modified Tourism
    • ?/07: National Championship of Motoring: "Jamsal"; DNA Modified Tourism
    • 10/21: El Salvador 6 Hours: "Jamsal"/Bill Whittington/Don Whittington, #81; 1st Grp 5+3.0 Don Whittington. World Endurance Drivers Championship

    1980 Season

    • 7/04: Daytona 250 Mile "Paul Revere": "Jamsal"/Barrientos, #32; 17th/6th GTX

    1981 Season

    • 1/31-2/1: Daytona 24 Hours: "Jamsal"/Barrientos/Valiente, #84; 8th/4th GTX
    • 3/21: Sebring 12 Hours: "Jamsal"/Barrientos, #84; 26th/8th GTX
    • 4/26: Riverside 6 Hours: "Jamsal"/Barrientos, #84; 35th/12th GTX DNF
    • 7/05: Daytona 250 Mile: "Jamsal"/Barrientos, #84; 23rd/8th GTX NR
    • 8/16: Mosport 6 Hours: "Jamsal"/Galdamez, #84; 10th/7th GTX
    • 8/23: Road America 500 Mile: "Jamsal"/Erstad/Galdamez, #84; 32nd/11th GTX

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