A Porsche type 917K body,
Lot 209
A Porsche type 917K body,
Sold for US$ 182,000 inc. premium
Lot Details
A Porsche type 917K body,
As described concerning Lot 236 – the ex-Gulf-JW Automotive/Ernst Kraus/Jurgen Barth Porsche 917 Spyder – that particular chassis frame originally wore 917K Coupe bodywork as offered here.

Mr Michael Amalfitano acquired these body panels more or less for use as a spectacular conversation piece for enthusiast display. It could, however, easily be adapted for conversion of chassis '026/031' back to its original Le Mans 24-Hour race configuration as co-driven by David Hobbs/Mike Hailwood at Le Mans in 1970.

A document file accompanying this Lot includes an invoice dated February 12, 1998, from GTS Motorcars Inc of Lake Park, FL, detailing the following Porsche 917 body parts, now offered here:

Porsche 917 Coupe nose, tail, engine cover, front lid, right and left door skins, two firewall bulkheads, an aluminium side pod, right-side unit, two yellow 'Plexadar' door side windows, handed left and right, two vent windows left and right, a rear bulkhead window, two headlight covers also handed left and right, two aluminium door frames (handed left and right) and one frame for the inside of the tail.

A quantity of other Porsche 917 components are also listed upon the invoice, includiong new tail lights and a new glass windshield. a further invoice from Gunnar Porsche Racing Ind of West Palm Beach, FL, details such items as two 917 headlight buckets, two 917 NACA ducts, two nose brake ducts, luggage boxes, side pod, a 'Factory' tail centre wing, rear tail 'Factory' tail flaps with complete hardware, aluminum powder-coated floor, new Geze clamps, 917 tail lights, Lucas roundel lights etc.

Buyers are requested to satisfy themselves as to the completeness of this lot as it relates to the aforementioned invoice.

Such a comprehensive kit of Porsche 917 Coupe body parts very seldom comes to the public market, and this Lot certainly augments the Lot 236 Porsche 917 Spyder most attractively, making early restoration of that chassis to its original Le Mans 24-Hour race configuration so much simpler than might otherwise have been the case.