Albert Einstein, ALS
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EINSTEIN, ALBERT. 1879-1955.
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Albert Einstein, ALS
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EINSTEIN, ALBERT. 1879-1955.
Autograph Letter Signed ("Albert"), 2 pp recto and verso, 8vo, January 21, 1928, to his son, Hans Albert Einstein, in German, with original transmittal envelope, fine condition.

Outstanding, lengthy Einstein letter written to his son at the beginning of his career in engineering, mentioning Antisemitism and reflecting on Einstein's own career. In part, translated: "Siemens wrote to decline. What else have you got in mind? Siemens is--as far as I know--Antisemitic. Can the A.E.G. [Allgemeine Electricitats Geselschaft] use such a stately, holy man as you are? I have better connections there. ... What's interesting in physics now is atomic theory, which follows its own curious way, on an altogether different course from my work, without a clear connection to Rel[ativity] Th[eory]. This has troubled me very much, and so far without any result. ...."
Einstein was not particularly close to the children of his first marriage. He begins the letter apologizing for his reticence, "private letters are for me an unusual thing." A letter to his eldest son with such frank, open content, and mentioning relativity theory, is very desirable.
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