A Jimini mask with large curved horns height 16in
Lot 2069
A Ligbe, Do institution, bushcow mask, Ivory Coast
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A Ligbe, Do institution, bushcow mask, Ivory Coast
height 16in

Morton Dimondstein, Los Angeles, 1975

Robbins & Nooter, African Art in American Collections, 1989, plate 146.

According to Hahner, Kecskesi and Vajda, "The Islamized communities who live as traders and artisans among non-Moslem groups in extensive areas of northern Ivory Coast are known for an institution called Do or Lo, one of whose most striking public manifestations is colorful masquerade dancing.
The classical Do mask, in style and design, recalls the kpeli-yehe masks of the Senufo, from which they are derived. Its regular features, detailed scarification patterns on forehead and cheeks, and graceful coiffure corresponding to that worn by Moslem women on festival days, all reflect the Ligbis' ideal of feminine beauty. To complete these masks, oil and make-up are applied and they are adorned with gold and silver jewelry before being donned by dancers clad in festive garments" (2007:17).