A Konyak grouping
Lot 2002
A group of Naga, Konyak tribe, body adornments, India
US$ 6,000 - 8,000
£3,600 - 4,800
Lot Details
A group of Naga, Konyak tribe, body adornments, India


A Wooden Trophy Head: unusual oversized representation of a head taken in a headhunting raid, worn in warrior regalia or revered in a men's clubhouse, morung, found in most villages; nicely carved and worn with thick cane fiber attached.

A Brass Trophy Head: finely made and signs of wear; representative of headhunting, in the classic Naga style, with fine carving at the top on each side above the ears; cotton pompoms in red denoting the fires from a headhunting raid and a finely strung strand of antique glass trade beads on which the piece is suspended.

Heirloom Bronze Knobbed Cuffs: reputedly from Maibong, the last 16th century capital of the Kachari Kingdom in the Cachar Hills of Assam, with the same spiral markings seen on other metal pieces prized by the Naga culture; highly valued and worn by women of only the very highest clan and status; several hundred years old.

Old Glass Trade Bead Necklace: huge, pristine red cylindrical bead multi-strand necklace, worn by both Konyak men and women; such a piece would have belonged to someone of great wealth or status; finely woven macramé with Burmese coin clasp.

Brass Torque: a finely worn man's neck ring with nine spirally engraved extensions and two heads symbolic of headhunting.