A group of Oriental works of art
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A group of Oriental works of art
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Art and Antiques Chester
8 Nov 2010 11:00 GMT

Auction 18158
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A group of Oriental works of art
To include a large copper and gilt-metal teapot, with relief-moulded animalistic protrusions, 36cms high, a copper jug with geometric patterns, 27.5cms high, a shallow rectangular tray with gilt depictions of two birds on a flowering branch, 36.5cms long and 21.5cms wide, a hardstone cylindrical vase with carved floral depictions, 15.5cms high, an agate carving of an Oriental (at fault), 14.5cms high, a small carved rectangular box and lid, a carved wooden figure of a lion dog, 9.5cms high, an ivory figure of an Oriental man holding a fish, on a small wooden block, 12.5cms high, and a small, circular cloisonne plate, depicting two white storks in flight, 12cms high, together with two hardstone figures of coiled dragons, an ivory "clam-shell", the interior with a miniature carved depiction of workers in a landscape, and an ivory netsuke depicting a seated, bearded Oriental holding a basket (qty).
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