CRIES OF LONDON [The Cries of London]
Lot 65
CRIES OF LONDON [The Cries of London]
Sold for £984 (US$ 1,653) inc. premium
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[The Cries of London], 14 engraved images of London tradespersons, some shaved (no imprint, and 2 with caption in ink) on 5 sheets joined as a panorama, viewed on rollers in glass-topped box (top detached), sheet approximately 95 x 800mm., [early nineteenth century], sold not subject to return


  • Cries include: Buy a sweet new lobster; Here is your long cotton laces, all a penny a piece; Old cloths to sell or change; Roasting jacks or toasting forks; New makerels; Nice roasted pig and currant sauce; Ripe artichokes; Nice Mutton pies or eel pie; Milk pretty maids; 3 full pound for 2 pence potatoes; A market hand for a halfpenny. Young radishes ho; Buy a robe of onions ho.
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