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BIBLIOGRAPHY - AMERICANA The Celebrated Collection of Americana formed by the Late Thomas Winthrop Streeter, 8 vol. (including Index)
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The Celebrated Collection of Americana formed by the Late Thomas Winthrop Streeter, 8 vol. (including Index), illustrations throughout, prices and buyers marked in ink in volume one, price lists loosely inserted for volumes 2,3, 5 and 7, Park-Bernet Galleries, 1966-1970--[Sale Catalogue]. The Library of Jerome Kern, 2 parts in one vol., later cloth, t.e.g., The Anderson Galleries, 1929--[Sale Catalogue]. Catalogue of Americana for Sale by Lathrop C. Harper, 1941-1948--[Sale Catalogue]. California.... The Library of Jennie Crocker Henderson, 5 parts, John Howell, 1979-1980, publisher's wrappers--[Sale Catalogue]. Complete Catalogue of the Library of John Quinn, The Anderson Galleries, 1924, New York--ADAMS (THOMAS R.) The American Controversy. A Bibliographical Study of the British Pamphlets about the American Disputes, 1764-1783, 2 vol., 1980--NASH (RAY) American Penmanship 1800-1850, 1969--THOMAS (ISAIAH) The History of Printing in America, 1970--MILLER (C. WILLIAM) Benjamin Franklin's Philadelphia Printing 1728-1766. A Descriptive Bibliography, Philadelphia, 1974--WELCH (D'ALTE A.) A Bibliography of American Children's Books Printed Prior to 1821, 1972--SHIPTON (CLIFFORD K.) National Index of American Imprints through 1800, 2 vol., 1969--WRIGHT (LYLE H.) American Fiction 1774-1850. A Contribution towards a Bibliography, San Marino, 1948--LOSHE (LILLIE DEMING) The Early American Novel, New York, 1907--SPEAR (DOROTHEA) Bibliography of American Directories through 1860, Worcester, 1961, publisher's boards or cloth unless otherwise described, 8vo and 4to; and a small quantity of others, including catalogues and pamphlets, Americana (quantity)
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