Nikon 'F' and other cameras 6
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Nikon 'F' and other cameras 6
Sold for £216 (US$ 363) inc. premium
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Nikon 'F' and other cameras
Comprising a Nikon 'F' chrome, No. 6801781 with a prism meter, Nikkor-H f2/50mm lens, No. 693175 and maker's ER case, an Exakta VX1000 with a Pancolar f2/50mm lens, an Ensign Selfix 820 camera with f3.8/105mm Ross Xpress lens in an Epsilon shutter, an Arette IA with Westar f2.8/45mm lens and ER case, a Braun Super Paxette with a Pointikar f2.8/45mm lens and maker's ER case and a Fed-4 camera with f2.8/53mm lens and maker's ER case. (6)
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