Two Pueblo dolls
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Two Pueblo dolls
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Two Pueblo dolls
Including a Zuni kachina, wearing commercial cloth shirt and waistband, leather moccasins, a woven sash and painted kilt, a rattle in one hand; and an unusual Hopi secular example, possibly the work of Wilson Tawaquaptewa, depicting a whimsical monkey standing on a domed base, a globular object in the creature's hands.
height 12 3/4 and 10 7/8in


  • We know of no such carving amongst the many dolls clearly made by Wilson Tawaquaptewa in the literature, yet suggestions for the attribution include the dotted-outline yellow ovals painted on the base. One of Tawaquaptewa's most definitive and diagnostic traits was the use of polka dots to delineate certain details in his dolls, unlike other Hopi carvers of the time. He also was of the belief that dolls depicting actual kachinas should not be made for decorative use outside the culture. His response was to invent a unique pantheon of figures, often animals, that were in the likeness of kachinas but that differed in important ways. The present lot, with traditional cotton string for suspension about the neck and another for fastening feathers emerging from atop the head, would appear to fit in with the aesthetic and world view of this iconoclastic artist.
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