Royal Scot locomotive headboard
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Royal Scot locomotive headboard
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Royal Scot locomotive headboard
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Royal Scot locomotive headboard
This version is made of steel and has the tartan background with raised letters bolted on, complete with a moulded rampant lion crest; stencil painted verso "Camden 1B" above mounting bracket (ex-locomotive condition).
59x25" (150x64cm)


  • The inaugural titled run of this express was on 11th July 1927. It was one of the most prestigious express trains of the LMS. The train (along with others) lost its title shortly after the start of word War II in September 1939, but the name was reintroduced by BR in 1948 and ran in various forms until 2002.

    A number of different style headboards was provided for the train. The earliest headboard was made of cast iron (introduced in 1933 and in use until 1950) and was permanently attached to the locomotive Royal Scot until it was rebuilt in the late 1940's. A wooden version was introduced by BR in 1950 which included a shield depicting a Scottish (rampant) lion. Later a steel version (1953) and a aluminium version (early 1960's) were introduced, both versions carried the rampant lion and the name Royal Scot. An aluminium version in the style of other named passenger trains was introduced by BR in 1951 and carried the name "The Royal Scot". These various styles, including the one offered, were used concurrently into the 1960's.

    Reference: Dave Peel "Locomotive Headboards - The complete story" by Sutton Publishing Ltd published in 2006 (ISBN 0-7509-4462-5)