A Russian mammoth ivory chess set Kholomogory, 18th century
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A Russian mammoth ivory chess set Kholmogory, 18th century
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A Russian mammoth ivory chess set
Kholmogory, 18th century
one side with green stained highlights, the other side left natural, the "green side" with stepped bases, the natural side with gadrooned bases, kings and queens with carved faces, bishops similar but of smaller size, knights as horses with raised hooves, rooks of domed shape, pawns with carved faces,
the king 6cm high, the pawn 3.4cm high.


  • A similar Russian set is illustrated in "Schach Partie Durch Zeiten Und Welten", Edition Braus, 2005, figure 133.

    Kholmogory is a historic village (selo) and the administrative centre of the Kholmogorsky District of Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia. It lies ninety kilometres north of the Antonievo-Siysky Monastery. The name is derived from the Finnish Kalmomäki for "corpse hill". It is famous for the local craft of carving in bone, which has existed there for more than four hundred years.

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