affner semi-flat 40mm scale Franco-Prussian War: The Battle of Sedan 300
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Haffner semi-flat 40mm scale Franco-Prussian War: The Battle of Sedan 300
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Haffner semi-flat 40mm scale Franco-Prussian War: The Battle of Sedan
best quality manufacturer's finish, including large flat three piece background of the fortress of Sedan on hilltop, with city on fire and gate below, 30cm wide by 16cm tall approx, a further two piece background cityscape with battle damage, 19cm wide by 16cm tall approx, and battle damaged smoking buildings 18cm wide by 10 cm tall approx, eleven trees and shrubs, four field guns with the remains only of matching limbers with four seated Prussian gunners, ten Prussian artillery team horses with two mounted trumpeters and twenty-three gunners on foot, seven French gunners on foot, ten French cavalry and mounted officers, a cuirassier on foot, a vignette of a Prussian hussar fighting a French cuirassier, eleven Prussian cavalry and mounted officers including two in vignette, fourteen Prussian Jagers in green, forty Prussian infantry with dark blue jackets and spiked helmets, and forty-five Prussian infantry in mid-blue with black crested helmets, a vignette of two medical personnel bandaging a casualty, two vignettes of Prussians fighting two French troops, two vignettes of two French troops carrying a wounded comrade, one French soldier with a civilian, seventeen French infantry in dark blue coats, forty French infantry in horizon blue coats, sixteen zouaves and twenty Turcos (Backgrounds G, troops G-F, the majority with some damage, bayonets missing etc.) 1875 (300)



    This magnificent set must have been made shortly after the successful conclusion of the Franco-Prussian War in 1871, when production of semi-flat toy soldiers became extremely popular in Germany, before the general introdustion of fully round figures. In spite of the considerable damage to the figures, the charm of the painting and the depictions of the grim realities of war with battle damage and casualties provide a telling contemporary record of this European war between Great Powers.
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