very good Memod Frerés chalet cylinder musical box, decanter and glasses
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An important and complete Sublime-Harmony musical Swiss chalet liqueur-set and smoker's companion box, by Memod Frerés, circa 1911,
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An important and complete Sublime-Harmony musical Swiss chalet liqueur-set and smoker's companion box,
by Memod Frerés, circa 1911,
No. 130539, playing Tannhauser March - Wagner, Pier Gynt (Anitra's Dance) - Grieg, Feinsleibchen - Komzak, O bitt euch liebe Vogelezin - Gumberth, Oberon March - Weber, Cloister Bells - Lefebure, Spinn' Spinn' - Jungst, Carmen (Toreador's Song) - Bizet, with right-hand side single-spring crank-wind motor, the double-combs having one-tooth separation division, central three-quarter length zither attachment, engraved tune indicator/selector dial encorporating change/repeat control, dated patent plate with start/stop and speed-check paddle, all in nickel-plated finish, mounted on the base of the extrordinary large Swiss log-built chalet, the slender roof-pitch all with individualy-placed tiles and regular stile bosses, chimney stack, balcony to top story with figure of a lady beside central door flanking double windows, pierced splat and slatted banister rail, above first story windows with exterior shutters, the main entrance with covered veranda holding long sections of wood with a ladder and small leaned roof with six beehives on ledge below, stair-dropped access with log store to front and picket fence line upon low stone dressed wall, outer boundary with dog seated beside his kennel, a lone figure approaching from the right with open long water trough, the main chalet flanked by leaned extensions, the right side featuring small closed store with goods door to first floor, the opposite side with open detail to small room with loose log, stairs reaching to upper story with repeating pierced splat banisters, raised on stone ledge and further log handrails, the base with incised ground to simulate stone-flagged surface, the front finished with rustic slented fence line, the whole sitting upon the base containing the movement, with further decoration including central double doors opening to reveal vacant void, the remaining frieze with a pair of arched windows decked with creeping ivy, on block supports, a pair of hidden opposing drawers each velvet lined, the enormous surprise being the double-hinged front wall and roof, opening to reveal fully-stocked slide-out decanter and glass holder, carved to simulate intertwining vines, holding four cut glass and engraved decanters with sixteen matching glasses on the two-tier rack, the right-hand wood store hinged to the right, opening up with numerous holes for fine cigars, crank handle, start/stop pull to right, zither attachment actuation pull to front base and change/repeat pull to left, with key for tantalus - the case width 27.1/2in. (70cm), the height 23in. (59cm), and the cylinder 13.5/8in. (34cm)


  • Condition: E I 1

    These musical chalet case boxes have a reputation for being well detailed. This fasinating and rare example is quite astounding in both detail and condition. From all the hundreds of tiles placed one-by-one on the roof, to the tiny dog carved from one piece of boxwood - the closer one gets to it, the more one sees.
    There are one or two small pieces loose but present and certainly not to the degree of being noticed in the current state. This very late movement by Memod Frerés must have been one of the very last made at the St Croix factory, with the serial number just acceeding the last entry on the Tunesheet graph table by H. A. V. Bulleid for 1910-11.

    Due the the obvious fragility of this piece, the top will be placed next to the base for viewing so that a full inspection can be carried out, whilst not limiting the visual appeal.