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Lot 70
Pair to Gunner H.E.Colby, Royal Artillery,
Sold for £188 (US$ 315) inc. premium
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Pair to Gunner H.E.Colby, Royal Artillery,
1939-1945 Star; War Medal. Very fine. (Lot)


  • The lot comes with a quantity of original paperwork and documentation including his dog tags, POW tag, 2 Soldier's Service and Paybooks, New Testament, various photographs, Soldier's Release Book, a quantity of letters and cards on POW paper, address book, notebook and a small wooden box which he had doctored to have a secret compartment, ARP badge, minor currency.

    He was born on 16.12.1918 and was a Farm Assistant before the war, he enlisted at Taunton on 15.11.1939, he was taken prisoner in France in 1940 and remained in a number of POW camps throughout the war. His Paybook lists the many places he went to. He was demobbed on 13.6.1946.