Naval General Service 1793-1840,
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Naval General Service 1793-1840,
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Naval General Service 1793-1840,
two bars, 14 March 1795, Trafalgar (George Hewson, Lieut). Attempted erasure to naming in parts, otherwise very fine. (1)


  • Captain George Hewson was born on 26.7.1776, he entered the Navy in Feb 1788 as First Class Volunteer aboard Racehorse with Captain Foley and Mackay, serving for four years on the Home station, latterly as Midshipman. In November 1792 he became attached to Kingfisher with Captain T.Graves, lying at Portsmouth; and on 19.3.1793, he rejoined Captain Foley aboard the St.George, bearing the flag of Rear-Admiral John Gell, and fitting for the Mediterranean, on his passage whither he witnessd the capture of Le General Dumourier privateer, and her prize the St.Iago, a galleon with treasure on board to the value of a million sterling. On the occupation of Toulon by Lord Hood, Mr Hewson was employed on shore with a party of seamen at Fort Mulgrave; after which we find him uniting in the operations of 1794 against Corsica, and immediately on passing his examination which he did before Nelson- appointed (through the instrumentality of Sir Hyde Parker, who had succeeded Rear-Admiral Gell) to the Britannia 100 bearing the flag of Admiral Hotham; from which ship, subsequently to that officer's first partial action with the French fleet, he was promoted, 16 March 1795. to the rank of Lieutenant and placed on board of Le Censeur with Captain Thomas Boys, one of the prizes taken on that occasion. His next appointments 18 April 1795 to the Inconstant with Captain T.F.Fremantle, also in the Mediterranean, where he assisted at the capture on 20 April 1796 of the French 28 gun Frigate Unite. In October 1797 he went to the Impetueux with Captain J.W.Payne in the Channel. On 1st March 1799 served as First Officer to the Boadicea with Captain R.G.Keats and C.Rowley, by whom, as he had been by Capt Payne, he was frequently employed on boat expeditions, on one of which occasions, we are informed, he contributed to the destruction of a convoy in the passage du Raz, and on another was officially noticed for his conduct at the cutting-out of a lugger of 6 guns from under the batteries of St.Matthew. From 13th June to 19th October 1803 served as a First to the Ruby and Gelykheid with Capt Hon F.F.Gardner and I.Wooley both on the Home station. On 28 Feb 1805 served as Second to the Royal Sovereign. Captains Mark Robinson and John Conn, flagship for some time to Sir R.H.Bickerton on the east coast of Spain. On 11th Oct 1805 to the Dreadnought with Captain Conn under whom he fought at Trafalgar, we believe as First-Lieutenant, but was left unpromoted, owing to the circumstances of his position not being known at the Admiralty, and to his inability to enter into an explanation. On 17 June 1806, again as Senior to the Superb commanded by his friend Capt Keats. Being at length after having attended the expedition to Copenhagen, presented with a second promotal commission bearing date 13 Oct 1807, he further joined in the capacity of Commander, 15 July 1809 La Fleche in which vessel he assisted at the reduction of flushing, and, on its evacuation by the British, covered their retreat. 22nd Oct 1810 (having lost La Fleche off the mouth of the river Elbe on 24 of the previous May) the Coquette, employed at Portsmouth and Leith until Jan 1812, and 7 June 1814, the Griffon, in the Downs, where he served until his health obliged him to invalid in May 1816 Captain Hewson attained Post-rank 1 jan 1817 and accepted the Retirement 1 Oct 1846.
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