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RADCLYFFE DUGMORE (Major A.): African Jungle Life, London, 1928 - PEEL (C.V.A.): Through The Length Of Africa, first edition, London, 1927 - STATHAM (Colonel J.C.B.): With My Wife Across Africa By Canoe And Caravan, London, n.d. - JASPERT (WILLEM): Through Unknown Africa, d.w., London, n.d. - MAYDON (Major H.C.) ed.: Big Game Shooting In Africa, London, 1932 - SAVILE (FRANK): The High Grass Trail, London, 1924 - GANDAR DOWER (K.): The Spotted Lion, first edition, London, 1937 - WIENHOLT (ARNOLD): The Story Of A Lion Hunt, first edition, London, 1922 - MELLAND (FRANK): Elephants In Africa, first edition, London, 1938 - LANG (CONYERS): Buffalo, first edition, London, 1934 - GATTI (ELLEN): Exploring We Would Go, first edition, d.w., London, 1950 - LLOYD GREAME (PATTI): With Lions By My Side, first edition, d.w., London, 1958 - STONEHAM (C.T.): Killers And Their Prey, second edition, London, 1935 - COURT TREATT (Major C.): Out of the Beaten Track, d.w., London, n.d. - DARLEY (Major HENRY): Slaves and Ivory, d.w., London, n.d. (15)
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