A Roman marble sarcophagus panel
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A Roman marble sarcophagus panel
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A Roman marble sarcophagus panel
Circa 3rd Century A.D.
Carved in high relief, depicting a battle scene between Roman soldiers and barbarians, the composition with multiple overlapping figures and horses, on varying ground levels, the Romans shown as clean-shaven, wearing cuirasses and helmets, including a legionary on the far right carrying a round shield, grabbing a bearded and long-sleeved barbarian by the ear, other barbarians falling wounded, the cavalry horses trampling them underfoot, with a raised border at the top and along the right-hand side, 24½in (62.2cm) wide, mounted


  • Provenance:
    European private collection, formed in the 1970s.

    Victory over the barbarians became an important subject in Roman art of the second half of the 2nd Century to the mid-3rd Century A.D. It was particularly popular on sarcophagi, the most famous example, with a similar treatment of overlapping figures as in this lot, being the Grand Ludovisi sarcophagus in the Museo Nazionale Romano. Also R. Calza (ed.), Antichita di Villa Doria Pamphilj, Rome, 1977, figs. 232-233c.