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Persian Painting (16)
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Persian Painting
TITLEY, N. M., Persian Miniature Painting and its influence on the art of Turkey and India, London 1983; KUBICKOVA, V., Persian Miniatures, London, n. d.; GRAY, B., Persian Painting, Cleveland 1961; GRUBE, E. J. (ED.), A Mirror for Princes from India: illustrated versions of the Kalilah wa Dimnah, Anvar-i Suhayli, Iyar-i Danish, and Humayun-Nameh, Bombay 1991; ADAHL, K., A Khamsa of Nizami of 1439, Uppsala 1981; ATIL, E., The Brush of the Masters: drawings from Iran and India, Washington DC 1978; WELCH, S. C., A King's Book of Kings: The Shah-nameh of Shah Tahmasp, London 1972; Tales from a King's Book of Kings: the Houghton Shah-nameh Miniatures, 1973; EGGER, G., Der Hamza Roman, Vienna 1969; MARTIN, F. R., & ARNOLD, T., The Nizami MS in the British Museum (Or. 6810), Vienna 1926; Iran: Persian Miniatures Imperial Library, n. d.; four issues of Marg magazine, 1973-77, with articles on Persian painting by Norah Titley and others; SIMMONDS, S. & DIGBY, S. (ED.), The Royal Asiatic Society: its history and treasures, Leiden 1979 [with articles by Norah Titley, Toby Falk, B. W. Robinson and others]


  • Provenance:
    Collection of the late Norah Titley (1920-2010).
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