Night Order Book, HMS Sybille, January-July 1818. 9
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Night Order Book, HMS Sybille, January-July 1818. 9
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Night Order Book, HMS Sybille, January-July 1818.
Complied by Captain Charles Malcolm RN, also on board HM Yachts William & Mary and Royal Charlotte, August 1822-October 1827.
Together with a collection of letter books and notebooks, Captain G J Malcolm RN.
Covering a period from 1842-1880, and including "Log and Proceedings HMS Inconstant, July 1842-March 1843, Log and proceedings HMS Curacoa April 1843-October 1845, Log and proceedings of HM Steam Frigate Firebrand, October 1845-June 1846, Log and proceedings of HMS Curacoa, July-August 1846" by 1st Class volunteer and latterly Midshipman G J Malcolm in the Mediterranean and South America. "Log and proceedings HMS Curacoa August 1846-September 1847, Log and proceedings HM Yacht William and Mary, September-October 1847, Log and proceedings, HMS Fisgard, October-November 1847, Log and proceedings, HMS St Vincent, Experimental Squadron, November 1847" by Lieutenant G J Malcolm in South America, Mediterranean and Channel. "Private Journal" G J Malcolm, November 1847-March 1851, and March-September 1851. "Work Book, HMS Steam Sloop Barracouta, September 1861-April 1863" by Commander G J Malcolm, lists of correspondence and detail of Blockade Running in American Civil War on the West Indian Station. "Captain's Letter Book, HMS Barracouta, January-August 1863" by Captain G J Malcolm, with lists of blockade runners and notes on cargoes. Together with a notebook on court proceedings and procedures, suppression of the Slave Trade, HMS Briton, Zanzibar April-May 1873, and Affadavits and proceedings, court of enquiry on Slave Trade, Egypt 1879.


  • HMS Sybille, 44 gun 5th Rate, ex. French ship Sybille, captured 1794. HMS Inconstant1836, 36 gun 5th Rate, HMS Curacoa1809, 36 gun 5th Rate, HMS Firebrand1842, Steam Paddle Frigate, ex. Belzebub. HMS Fisgard1819, 46 gun 5th Rate, HMS St Vincent 1815, 120 gun 1st Rate, HMS Barracouta1851, Wooden Paddle Sloop, HMS Briton1869, Screw corvette.

    Vice Admiral Sir Charles Malcolm (1782-1851). Captain Charles Malcolm fitted out the Sybille in September 1817 as Flag Captain to Sir Home Popham, on the West Indies Station, where he was injured in 1819. He had two sons by his second marriage, who both entered the Navy, one of whom was Captain George J Malcolm (1830-1884).