A manuscript hand coloured plan, Crimea Beach 1854 2
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A manuscript hand coloured plan, Crimea Beach 1854 2
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A manuscript hand coloured plan, Crimea Beach 1854
Indian ink and watercolour depiction of the lines of assault vessels at the anchorage off Old Fort, Crimea, prior to the landing of the British Forces 16th December 1854. Signed James Ross Caradoc, Old Fort. 7.5x10.8in (19x27cm). Together with a painting of the SS Caradoc blown ashore. Oil on board. 5x10in (13x25.5cm). (2)


  • The paddle Gunboat Caradoc was built in London and launched in 1847 for the Postal packet service, operating out of Holyhead. Transferred to the Mediterranean packet service in 1851, she was made available to Lord Raglan by the Royal Navy for the Crimean Campaign.

    War was declared on Russia by Britain and France on 28th March 1854, after assembling the allied forces on the Black Sea coast, the assault with 150 vessels and transports was launched on September 13th, the British forces choosing to land on the open Beach of Kalmita Bay, near Old Fort, some 25 miles north of Sebastapol and the river Alma. Through the inefficiency of the Russian Commander, 27,000 British Troops were allowed to land unopposed over five days, overseen by Lord Raglan on board the Caradoc. When, after the deprivation of the harsh winter siege and unfavourable public opinion at home, Lord Raglan died of dysentery on June 29th 1855, the Caradoc was detailed to bring the Commander in Chief's body home to Britain for burial.

    Returned to the service, she is believed to have perished around 1888.