An Attic red-figure stemless kylix
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An Attic red-figure stemless kylix
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An Attic red-figure stemless kylix
Douris, circa 480 B.C.
The tondo showing a himation-clad youth with defined musculature, wearing leather shoes, with a skull-cap over his hair, standing in a wine-shop, holding a sponge in his right hand over the mouth of a large amphora resting in a stand, a money-pouch in his left hand, a large pithos in the right foreground, an oinochoe hanging above, with two barely-visible Greek inscriptions in the field, 'ZONNTO' to the left of the figure, '..O..A..SX' to the right, the border composed of pairs of opposed meander, alternating with saltire squares, 7½in (19.2cm) wide, 5½in (13.8cm) diam, an old collection label on the underside reading '392 LOAN'


  • Provenance:
    Ex Professor Jakob Rosenberg Collection, Cambridge Massachusetts, 1937. Property of a private English collector. Acquired from Sotheby's New York, May 30th 1986, lot 19.

    Attributed by J.D. Beazley to Douris.

    The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford from 2001 to 2009.
    Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University, no.501, 1937.

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