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Series of some ninety autograph cards and letters signed, to Fred Edgcumbe, Curator of Keats House and Museum, many of the letters accompanying books and pamphlets being given to Keats House, the series largely given over to their mutual enthusiasm for Keats (and Blunden's for Lamb) with something of a running commentary on the book market, while being shot through with Blunden's uncompromisingly anti-belligerent views on the war that was then unfolding ("...Somehow I was always chary of the distinction of meeting T.J.W[ise] and though Col. Wilkinson here gave me an introduction I hung back. It was some feeling that, forgery apart, he was one of those who essentially scorn and ignore literature. I gathered that he did not talk of things or ideas or compositions, but as openings for stories about somebody's lacking a testicle or preferring the chimney to the jerry. His Library with all its glories to me reflects the man – it is all the fun of the fair, -- I wonder if in a general view of literature and the English mind it is out of the common? However, one is sorry for the poor old fellow, steering himself so ardently into a position where he could only drift & gibber. He was perhaps the unlucky one of a little clan. I am sure he was a big book-collector anyway! Garrod says he would like to see this book, though I warned him it was a work of impiety; so it may be a little while before you get it back, for the Wentworth Place Basement library. The news of these bigger air raids makes us very anxious about you and all friends in London..."); together with a quantity of pamphlets and other Keats or Blunden related printed ephemera, some 100 pages, mostly 8vo, Oxford and elsewhere, 1931-1940

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