Quantity of Sterling Flatware
Lot 2633
Quantity of Sterling Flatware
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Lot Details
A quantity of sterling flatware
Comprising: King's Hourglass 1 sauce ladle, with widow's armorial, Thos. Dicks, London, 1817; Fiddle 1 soup ladle, monogrammed: B and with inscription on verso dated 1911, Shreve & Co.; # 26 set olive fork and olive spoon, Whiting Mfg. Co; Bridal Rose butter pick, monogrammed: K, Alvin; Chatham cream ladle, monogrammed, Durgin; Antique Hammered 1 cold meat fork, Shreve & Co.; Van Dyke 1 berry spoon, monogrammed: M, International; Chantilly, monogrammed: K, 2 bouillon spoons, Gorham; Empress, 1 tablespoon, engraved: Lauman, 1 salt spoon, Gorham; Buttercup 2 salt spoons (g), Gorham; 2 monogrammed cream ladles by Frank Whiting and another; 1 tea caddy spoon with strapwork handle; 1 medium cold meat fork, monogrammed: K; pair small salt spoons, Webster; Hope 1 teaspoon, engraved: Winton, Howard Sterling Co. and 6 assorted other pieces of flatware for children; 2 pc. baby flatware set, Web; Cabot 1 baby spoon, monogrammed: E, Wallace; Minuet 1 baby fork (repaired), International; group of 5 domestic and 1 foreign souvenir spoons; Mexican sterling 1 lemon fork, Sanborns; group pair English and 5 other silver napkin rings, some engraved; 1 tea strainer (38 oz. 6 dwts.) with silver mounted cut glass stand, Frank Whiting; Repousse, 1 ice cream knife, S. Kirk & Son Inc.; Carthage, monogrammed: E, 2 pc. steak carving set: fork and knife, Wallace; and 1 tea infuser with sterling handle. (50 pieces)
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