Lin Fengmian (1900-1991) Opera Figures
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Lin Fengmian (1900-1991) Chinese Opera Series: Stealing the Royal Horse
Sold for HK$ 4,800,000 (US$ 619,132) inc. premium
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Lin Fengmian (1900-1991)
Chinese Opera Series: Stealing the Royal Horse
Oil on canvas, framed
Signed 'Lin Fengmain' in Chinese at the left
54cm x 44.5cm (21¼in x 17½in).


  • Provenance:
    Purchased in Shanghai between 1958-61 by an English private collector
    and thence by descent to his son in Hampshire, UK

    林風眠 中國戲曲系列:連環套-盜御馬 油彩畫布 木框 


    後由其住在英國 Hampshire 郡之子繼承收藏至今

    The story of "Lianhuan Tao"
    Dou Erdun, the master of the mountain fortress Lianhuan Tao, has been bearing animosity towards Huang Santai for 30 years. Dou knew that Chief of the Imperial Military, Leung, was going to cross the border along with the Royal Horse of the Qing Emperor. By this chance, he successfully set Huang Santai up by stealing the horse and left a note with Huang's name on it at the crime scene. Since Huang died earlier, Leung requested Huang's son, the head of the Imperial Arms Huang Tianba, to look for the lost royal horse. Huang Tianba sneaked into the mountain fortress and fought against Dou. Finally, he converted an enemy into a friend. He not only brought back the royal horse but also successfully made Dou together with the tribes of mountain fortress bow to the Qing Court.

    While the character on his right hand side should be Huang Tianba, the character with blue face always represents Dou Erdun. According to the traditional practice of Beijing opera, blue mask emblems outspoken and impetuous personality.


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