Irvin Air Chutes. Portfolio of original photographs. Buffalo: [1925].
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Portfolio of Original Photographs of Irvin Air Chutes, Safety Parachutes for Aeroplanes, Balloons and Dirgibles.
Buffalo: [1925]. Album containing 28 silver gelatin photographs, 7 3/4 x 9 1/2 inches, linen-backed and identified on verso, two text leaves, black cloth album with upper cover lettered in gilt, some wear to text leaves, photographs generally excellent, album rubbed.

This manufacturer's album shows its parachutes on the ground and in action in the air, but also includes a section of pictured pilots attesting to the effectiveness of the product. Each includes an image of their mangled airplane and statement describing the event. One of the pilots is Cadet Charles Lindbergh who describes his March 6, 1925 crash where his plane collided with another during combat practice and he had to delay opening his parachute for several hundred feet in fear of plane parts striking him. Luckily, his Irvin Air Chute functioned perfectly and he lived to make his Trans-Atlantic flight two years later.
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