Granville Redmond (American, 1871-1935) Southern California Hills 25 x 30 1/4in
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Granville Redmond (American, 1871-1935) Southern California Hills 25 x 30 1/4in
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Granville Redmond (American, 1871-1935)
Southern California Hills
signed 'Granville Redmond-' (lower left) and titled, signed and dated June 1931 on the artist's original paper label (on the reverse)
oil on canvas
25 x 30 1/4in


    Laguna Beach, California, Laguna Art Museum, Early artists in Laguna Beach: The Impressionists, September 23-November 5, 1986.
    Oakland, California, The Oakland Museum, Granville Redmond, December 3, 1988-January 29, 1989.
    Oakland, California, Selections from the Irvine Museum, Exhibition, November 13, 1993-February 20, 1994.

    Janet Blake Dominik, Early Artists in Laguna Beach, The Impressionists, Laguna Beach, 1986, page 78, plate 66, illustration in color.
    Jean Stern, Janet Blake Dominik, Harvey L. Jones, Selections from the Irvine Museum, Irvine, 1992, page 60, full page color illustration.

    The fascination with the beauty of Southern California was at it's peak by the time Granville Redmond was living and painting in and around Los Angeles in the late 1920's. Water was flowing to the area, thanks to the Los Angeles aqueduct system, and the population boom in the area was in full swing. Nothing was more iconic of Southern California than fields of wildflowers and groves of orange trees. It was deemed the land of plenty, and the land of visual splendor. Redmond must have been keenly aware of the saleability of his wildflower paintings. The impressionistic style lent itself perfectly to these compositions. A high key palette and thick impasto applied to almost unreal, Utopian landscape. The demand for these works must have been enormous at this time. In this painting "Southern California Hills", Redmond has achieved a visual balance of hills, perspective and color. The small strip of path in the center entices the viewer's eye into the scene. The multilayers of flowers at various distances, along with the swirls of oak trees, combine for a rich, dimensional perspective with a tremendous feeling of movement and life.
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