Fine Ruby, Diamond and Platinum Ring
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Fine Ruby, Diamond and Platinum Ring
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Fine Ruby, Diamond and Platinum Ring
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Fine Ruby, Diamond and Platinum Ring
John Saul Ruby Mine, Tanzania
The first gemstone deposits found in East Africa were in Longido, Tanzania. Their production was generally small or of poor quality gems. However, a fantastic mid-1970s discovery of chromium-rich rock yielded not only some wonderful green tourmalines but some wonderful rubies, also colored by chromium, which required no enhancement.
The color of these stones was splendid and their quality put East Africa on the map of gem-producing countries—right up there with Burma and Sri Lanka. Indeed some of the rubies from the mine were of such a fine distinctive shade of ruby-red which would later become a standard of quality. To cutters around the world the expression "johnsaul" simply grew to mean "very fine red" when it came to describing rubies. It is said that Van Cleef and Arpels bought a very large portion of the production of this mine at the time.
The present ring, consisting of a circular sugar-loaf unenhanced cabochon ruby is an excellent example of classic, natural material from this famed mine. Purchased by its present owner during the 1970s it has been kept safely hidden since that time. The stone is fairly large for the species—weighing approximately 6.16 carats. The color is virtually incandescent with a deep inner glow. Mounted in a delicate hand-made platinum mount set with approximately 0.85 carats of small brilliant-cut diamonds decorating the bezel, gallery and shank, this is a ring which should appeal to any jewelry lover or connoisseur of fine rubies, size 6 ½ .


  • Accompanied by a Gemological Certificate of America report number 2115152130 dated September 22, 2009 stating natural ruby, no indications of heating.
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