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Juancheng - Extraterrestrial Valentine
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Juancheng - Extraterrestrial Valentine
Shandong Province, China

This is a larger specimen from a major Chinese meteorite shower. On February 15, 1997 in China, still Valentine’s Day in the U.S., meteorites rained down on farmland near the Yellow River in Shandong Province. Believed to portend the passing of Communist Party Chairman Deng Xiaoping, Juancheng meteorites became China’s most sought-after collectible when Chairman Deng died four days later. It had been said, “Our Leader protects us from all frontiers, even from above, and when the sky-tissue which separates us from the heavens is torn by a rain of stones, it is time for Our Leader to go and protect us from his new home in the heavens.” Entrepreneurs of all stripes flocked to the Juancheng site only to be met by hundreds of schoolchildren already on an extraterrestrial Easter egg hunt. Covered with nearly 99% of sought-after fusion crust (the result of its fiery descent to Earth) this stone meteorite is punctuated by a single distinct thumbprint—another aerodynamic signature of its earthward plunge. Larger specimens of Juancheng are difficult to obtain as local farmers gifted such specimens to local Communist Party leaders. Measuring 72 x 72 x 49mm (2.75 x 2.75 x 2 inches) and 274 grams (2/3 pounds).
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