ACTUAL SM and LM Marq. Thruster Engine
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16 Jul 2009 13:00 EDT

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A dual-valve rocket thruster with a full nozzle-exhaust bell assembly by Marquardt Corporation. 14 inches tall. 3 original labels identifying each major component (black label "Engine - Rocket, Part No. X-228687-531, Serial No. 0122, Contract No. NAS9-8405," red label "Value Assy - Solenoid, Fuel, Part No. X-228883, Ser. No. 083, Date - 3Q66," green label "Valve Assy -Solenoid, Oxidizer, Part No. X-228684, Ser. No. 99, Date - 3Q66"). A portion of the solenoids and nozzle cut away to allow viewing of interior components. The entire engine displayed on a 15 by 8 inch clear plexiglass base alongside a mounted presentation document.

Marquardt Corporation's 100-pound rocket engines of this type were used for attitude control for both the Apollo Command/Service Module and the Lunar Module. Each module had 16 of these reaction control engines clustered in groups of four. The document reads in part: "Apollo Service Module RCS Thruster. Presented to Max Faget from The Propulsion and Power Division, December 1, 1981. We are proud to have traveled this road with you." There is a list of manned programs (Mercury to Shuttle) and list of some of the equipment this division worked with during these flight programs.
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