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2 typescripts by Gordon Cooper, and another item:
1. Original Typescript, 5 pp, January 23, 1963, headed "The following is a list of operational discrepancies by the pilot in the pre-flight activities preceding the launch of MA-9," with over 20 manuscript corrections and amendments by Cooper, as well as several pointed comments ("This is absolutely ridiculous [related to the addition of a last minute experiment] and it is my opinion that if a crew is going to fly a spacecraft and a Project Office is to run the Project, then there must be authority given to them to adhere to these cutoff dates"), the first leaf inscribed by Cooper "From my personal files ... My working draft, corrections by Gordon Cooper."
2. Original Typescript, 9 pp, no date, headed "MA-9 Postflight Astronaut Training Report by Cooper" with references to MA-8 and Schirra crossed out in the title, including several corrections in Schirra's hand ("Go ahead on this Gordo, I buy the whole thing but I think you can get a better audience than I now - Wally"), the report addressing pilot training via aircraft, engineering education, and physical training, and with an additional Cooper note reading "Redo para on gym to read - Funding has been approved, but apparently will not be available for approx. 1 year," the title inscribed by Cooper "From my NASA Mercury Files, Gordon Cooper."
3. Distribution copy on Astronaut's Post-Recovery Activities for MA-9, 14 pp, including a list of topics for Cooper's debriefing after the flight.
Each 11 by 8 inches, the first two loose, the third stapled.

These papers give a possible insight as to why Cooper never flew again after Gemini 5.